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Baby Care. Breastfeeding timer, Sleep log, Diaper [FREE][APP]


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Baby Care. Breastfeeding timer, Sleep log, Diaper [FREE][APP]
A COOL NEW Parenting APP
Looking for a productive app with baby care, breastfeeding tracking, and supports all daily events of your baby? Baby Care - Newborn tracking, is the perfect app for you right now.
By adding events with Baby Care - Newborn tracking app, you will easily improve your life by moving all your baby daily events to your smartphone. you will enjoy our rich and informative history page, export, and import your data.
You will enjoy the following features-
* Breastfeeding tracking
* Track all your baby daily events
* Support breastfeeding, diaper, bottle, and more
* History page - contain all your baby history
* Add multiple kids with multiple color themes to choose from
* Import and Export your data
* Multiple language support
Baby Care - Newborn tracking is the fastest and most user-friendly Baby care app. By doing a few clicks, our app will quickly add all the information about your baby.
When adding events, It’s fast, easy, and secure.
Baby Care - Newborn tracking can support all types of baby events including Breastfeeding, Diaper, Bottle, and many more.
In baby settings, you can also create as many kids as you want while keeping history and color theme to each of them.
Link to Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yalin.babycare


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