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Tiny Pdf Scanner[Free][App]


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Tiny Pdf Scanner[Free][App]

Tiny Pdf Scanner - Small app that scans everything!!!

Tiny Pdf Scanner turns your device into a powerful and full featured scanner for documents, receipts, photos, texts and photos and easily convert them to text, PDF or Image same as scanner.

Our OCR technology allows you to detect text so you can scan and convert it to text or PDF file, and you can even edit the documents right away! For busy people on the go, Tiny PDF Scanner is a must have. Our app is also FREE, so there is nothing stopping you from downloading and trying it now!


100% FREE FOR A LIFETIME. Our app is totally free to download and use. No subscription fee, no usage fee. This is the best free scanner app with the highest functionalities.

SCAN EVERYTHING! Scan documents, photos, receipts, texts, images, and many more. Save time and energy finding a scanner to scan everything. Use your camera phone to do it.

AUTO DETECTION. Tiny PDF Scanner can auto detect your image, text and photos’ edges which will be less time consuming.

EDIT IMAGE. Crop, rotate, add filter, and use various tools to edit the image. You can add Brightness and improve the colors with our built-in photo editor tools.

• OCR. OCR technology allows our app to recognize text in images. It means that you can save the scanned documents as text and edit it right away.

USE IMAGE FROM CAMERA ROLL. Edit images that you capture using the Camera function. Use our OCR technology to detect and convert images from Camera Roll. Very convenient and fast!

SUPPORTS 96 LANGUAGES. Our OCR technology can recognize text from 96 different languages, even with non-Latin letters such as Japanese, or Chinese.

FAST AND LIGHT. Capture images, process with our OCR, and save as document files in less than 60 seconds!

How to use Tiny PDF Scanner:

• Place a document on a flat surface or load a pre-saved one from your device

• Open our app and take a photo of the document to “scan” it. Edges of the document is auto-detected but can be also changed manually.

• If the document contains text, you can use our app to detect the text and make edits.

• You can also Crop, Rotate, Edit image or enhance its colors.

• Save files inside app or share them through email, files, and other apps.

So, what are you waiting for? Download and try Tiny PDF Scanner now!

Link to Itunes: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tiny-pdf-scanner/id1105479069?l=tr



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