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WhatStatus Saver [FREE][APP]


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WhatStatus Saver [FREE][APP]
A COOL NEW APP WhatStatus Saver
Loved a Friend's Status?
Well, here is an app that lets you download images, GIF, Video of your friend’s WhatsApp status and it also allows you to share media and repost status from app to your friend.
Apps/Environments Supported
1. Normal WhatsApp Statuses
2. Business Statuses
3. Parallel Space WhatsApp Statuses
Key Features of WhatStatus Saver App
* Multi Save, Share, Repost, Set As wallpaper/Profile Picture
* Easy Repost Status even without saving,
* Easy & Fast Saving,
* Built-in Image Viewer & Video Player,
* Easy Navigation!
* User Friendly
How to Use?
-> Watch the story or status in WhatsApp.
-> Open status saver App, Click on image or video to view in full screen.
-> Click the Download to save WhatsApp story image/video.
-> You can share and repost also your friends WhatsApp story image/video.
The Status is instantly saved to your Phone or Gallery
Still, Reading?
Go get the App & start saving Statuses
Rate it if you liked the App
Probably a valuable 5 Star Rating
Link to download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tozent.whatstatussaver


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