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Colourtone Wheel: Color Puzzle[FREE][GAME]


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Colourtone Wheel: Color Puzzle[FREE][GAME]

Are you looking for a new and exciting color shooting game? How good are your aiming skills? Will you like to enter the color splash gaming saga and enjoy intense gaming fun? The new paintball brain teaser game is the best option for you to have endless color-switching fun. Shoot em up with your rapid but precise color splash bullet shooter moves and collect high score in every level you play. Try it now!

Paint Ball Color Switching Game

The new paintball color switching game combines the color ball matching fun with precision shooting to make the most of your free time gaming action. All you have to do is keep an eye on the color switching bullet shooter and tap on the screen to release the paintball.

Hyper Casual Brain Teaser Fun

The color circle will move at high speeds and you must keep an eye on the rapidly changing colors in the hyper-casual game. One missed shot, and you may end up having to play the game all over again. Watch out for the rapidly changing color hues and make the most of your fast gaming action.

Satisfying Color Splash Game Levels

Experience the satisfaction of matching color ball splash in this hyper-casual brain teaser. As you move up in the levels, the number of colors in the circle will increase, and you will have to act as swiftly as you can to polish your shooting skills. Enjoy smooth color splash and amazing sound effects for a great past time.

Polish your Bullet Shooter Skills

The game is designed to polish your shooting precision. Act quickly to keep up with the fast-moving circle. For every right move, you will earn points. You can set a new high score and play as many levels as you like.

Link to Download: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/colourtone-wheel-color-puzzle/id1527131626



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