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Exclusive Radio
Your FREE Exclusive Radio App gives you hundreds of radio stations, each one dedicated solely to the music of one of the world’s biggest artists, featuring today’s hottest acts.
PLUS, the Legends from every genre including Country, Rock, RnB, Soul, Jazz and Classical.
There’s Mix stations with the best songs from your favourite genres, as well as Decades, Dance, Party, Wellness, Calm and World Music.
[IMG]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/dGCdpPUnUXmKr-UEYI_RJKO2bSXvGRNM4KFUv_FMCjNtWz0QNAoWfcRVTCpT0mhG1dM=w2504-h1200[/IMG] [IMG]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Vv7Y4vUvJrvOsz694-N914HkqFZd-ROhJu67djC0CjUhHYUa8b3N4aIeSpRYjdqJNT_d=w2504-h1200[/IMG]
Use the FREE App Planner to control over 500 Exclusive Radio stations and build the radio soundtrack to your lifestyle.
Traditional radio with annoying ads, negative news, boring DJ's and limited playlists is a turn-off. So turn-on Exclusive Radio - News Free, Commercial Free, Listen Free.
Testimonials from our listeners
"Thank you for Exclusive Radio!!! OMG! It's the best thing ever. I just wanted to say that I am very happy to have found Exclusive Radio, it is what I was looking for in a Radio App.” Ronaldo O.
"Brilliant. Never looked back since downloading your app. Currently listening to 60’s. Great tune after great tune. Thank you.” Patrick T.
"Having recently discovered Exclusive Radio I'm really enjoying the stations. Well done on a fantastic radio service which sounds really great.” David O.
"A fantastic radio concept. Well done to all.” Joe S.
"I totally enjoy your site it gets me through the day!" Amanda B.
Download to Google play: http://bit.ly/38PAhCF


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