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Welcome to RICCOSHADE!

In this bouncy, addicting, colour-themed game, your aim is to hit all the targets within the amount of bullets you have, but with as many BOUNCES as you can!

Key features:

◉ Quick to pick up and play.
◉ Four worlds to conquer with growing levels of difficulty
◉ Your bullets react differently depending on the surface colour they hit.
◉ SWITCHES have the ability to change the state of the level.
◉ Upon contact, COLOUR GATES can change bullets to whatever colour they are.
◉ Watch out for PINK GATES as they will vapourise any bullet that comes into contact with them, irrespective of their colour!
◉ PORTALS will teleport bullets to other areas in a level that were otherwise inaccessible before.
◉ When bullets hit BREAKABLE BRICKS they will disappear, revealing more paths for them to travel along.
◉ Timing is key for levels that feature MOVING OBJECTS, so make sure you shoot the bullets at the right time!

Link To Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.BLANCVERTEXGAMES.RICCOSHADE



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