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Gyan Se Pehchan - General Knowledge Quiz


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Gyan Se Pehchan - General Knowledge Quiz
Most people think General Knowledge is only important for students or for those who aspire to participate in competitive exams such as AIIMS, IAS, UPSC, Bank PO, and General Knowledge based contests such as Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC), Siddhartha Basu Quiz Shows etc.
However, one must note that General Knowledge goes beyond competitive exams; it is a method of enhancing knowledge base and building an intellectual personality. So, irrespective of age; a good dose of General Knowledge helps the brain to function in the finest possible manner.
And what could be the best way to learn while enjoying the perks of winning some exciting prizes.
Keeping this very thought in mind, Allen Career Institute has launched the ‘Gyan Se Pehchan’ app – under its ‘Klipinterest’ flagship. Klipinterest is a unique concept of knowledge sharing from various fields of life; on a single platform. Gyan Se Pehchan, powered by Klipinterest, aims to further improve the learning process in a fun way.
The Gyan Se Pehchan app truly reflects Allen’s vision of knowledge sharing in a profound manner which is open to all age-groups.
Every game has 15 questions with multiple choice answers. You get 30-60 seconds to answer, depending on the difficulty level.
You get reward points & score for every correct answer.
Click on restart for next attempt.
You can play another game (after 5 attempts) on redeeming 50000 points or after 3 hours
There are 3 stages where points get locked (Q5, Q10, Q15), so you get minimum points.
You have three lifelines to use during the game- Fifty-Fifty, Double Dip, Flip the Question:
• Fifty-Fifty lifeline eliminates 2 options, thus leaving you with only 2 choices.
• Double Dip lifeline allows you to make two guesses for a question, but requires you to play out the question, thus forbidding you to walk away or use any further lifelines
• Flip The Question lifeline replaces the current question with another having same point value.
Top 10 scores of the week are displayed in TOP SCORES.
If you QUIT at any stage, you will get the points earned till last stage
Points Allotment
If you answer the question in:
1-3 secs: You will get the score equal to 5 times the points allotted
4-6 secs: You get the score equal to 4 times the points allotted
7-9 secs: You will get the score equal to 3 times the points allotted
10-12 secs: You will get the score equal to 2 times the points allotted
After 12 secs: You will get the score equal to 1 times the points allotted
For e.g. Question 1 is allotted 100 points. If you answer within 3 secs, you get 500 scores (100 points *5)
If you do not answer in the given time, the game will end there.
Link To Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.allen.gsp&hl=en


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