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Description: Get Ready for the Ultimate Excitement?
Experience one of the best leisure time brain teaser game. We bring you a highly challenging and addictive color change game. Jump Master 2019 is new arcade hyper-causal game to test your sharp tap skills.
Start achieving high scores.
This Brain teaser game has easy finger tap control.

Here is how Color Bounce works; You will see a ball character with a face and body of different color jumping in a colorful ring. Tap to rotate the rings to match the ball character face with the color of the ring. If the ball lands on the wrong color, you lose the game. To make it more interesting and tough, here is another rule. While matching the character face color with the ring color, do not pass the color similar to the body color under the character, If you do, you won't lose but you will lose a point. Follow the rules and enjoy the endless brain teaser game.

The Color Jump master game gives the experience of color puzzle ball games. Keep the ball afloat by timely color change. Align your ring rotation to land on the safe color area and avoid splat. The ball crashes when bump into the danger area and the game will be over. Do not let the ball pop and achieve a high score to become a true color master.
Compete with your friends in the epic clash and have endless fun. Think fast stay Sharp.
Link To Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.redkoala.colorbounce


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