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Using NFEstd-Nokia Firmware Editor (For Newbies)

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Using NFEstd is real easy. 1.Download NFEstd..(search in this forum/pnht or google it) 2.Open NFEstd, Open the FW directory. 3.You could see Cor,ROFS2,UDA files now. 4.Select ROFS2 5.Click Extract(the extracted contents will be there inside the NFEstd folder and an additional folder ' Temp', you need not to worry   about this, but don't delete it until you are done with your repacking) 6.Be ready with your mod/ software to be packed into the CFW 7.If you have a .sis or .sisx file with you, and you wish this to be   added into the CFW, You may use 'Syscontent'(search in this forum/pnht or google it) 8.Open the syscontent.exe, open the .sis or .sisx package, extract it. 9.It will give you several folders like data/resource/sys/system 10.Now for the Mod/Software to be added into CFW, Drag the Corresponding     Folders(data/resource/sys/system) into NFEstd window, few seconds it     will take for updating the folders. 11. Hit repack. 12.The new repacked ROFS2 file could be found in the same initial CFW folder, it could     be identified by a suffix ' Rebuilt' in the ROFS2 File's Name. 13. Replace the original ROFS2 file with this file(Ofcourse you need to delete the 'Rebuilt' suffix). 14. You have your own CFW ROFS2 ready for Flashin Smiley EnJoYYY

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Prayaas, infact I dint notice its already there, but I thought its helpful for the newbies like me. Infact I wasnt copying anything :)

Please see this:  http://forum.dailymobile.se/index.php?topic=44792.0  posted the day April 01st 2011. Once registered with this

forum, I hardly go to those forum these days.

Its really a nice post for every newbies as the post title wil grab the attention of newbies.

I admit, pryaas' post too covers this topic but its an all round cfw making thing for which any newbie wont bother as they arent into thought of any cfw making.

+1 girbsnl :)

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