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Pixel Crusade


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Pixel Crusade

Please keep in mind that BrainDrainGames is self-managed with no team, so updates may take longer than usual, depending on what is being changed, added, etc. As of its early release, with the lack of financial support, Pixel Crusade will only be compatible for Windows OS, until that benchmark is made, I cannot make it available on another OS. With your guys' support, by purchasing Pixel Crusade, it will then be available for more people to enjoy, and possibly bring a team together! Thank you guys for being such a huge help! Stay updated! Purchasing the game will open players up to newly added content, as the demo version will only receive gameplay updates. Don't get left behind! ~BDG

A 3rd person, open-world/action-adventure exploration. Sailing the seas, discovering new worlds and challenging the toughest Crusaders, taking leadership and earning mad respect! Becoming the biggest and baddest around won't be easy, but keep your eyes peeled, there may be more sinister forces behind the scenes, though Crusaders are upstanding & trustworthy warriors! ...Anyway, what are you waiting for? Crusaders await your challenge and awesome skills!

Join the Crusade!

Link to Download: http://gamejolt.com/games/pixel-crusade/229619


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