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A2 vocabulary & tests


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A2 vocabulary & tests

How to use this app;

1) Check your understanding of the vocabulary, phrasal verbs and expressions in our tailor-made dictionary. The
advantage is that our definitions are very clear and easy to understand and you will need to know these phrases
to go to the quiz section.

2) In the test your knowledge section there are 400 multiple choice questions designed to help you pass most
modern exams.
make sure you check out the feedback section at the end of every quiz because, even if you got the questions
right, there are tips to help you improve; these tips explain the slight differences between words and grammar.

3) Play our tailor-made hangman game - this game uses every expression from the dictionary and quizzes - when
you play this game, you will always have the answer whether you win or lose.
The advantage of this system is long-term retention of words and expressions.

All the exercises were designed by the English in context team who have a combined classroom experience of 52 years.

Link to Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gordan.a2multiplechoice&hl=en


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