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Escape: Labyrinth


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Escape: Labyrinth
Introducing Escape Labyrinth; the most vibrant addictive adventure game ever! 

Lose yourself in a myriad of puzzling maze chambers created by the ancient Egyptians. Pack your survival gear and explore the deepest parts of the lost labyrinth, buried deep underground. Collect ancient relics and gold scattered throughout the labyrinth and become the greatest explorer there is!

You are not alone in the dungeon, however. Face the undead scourge that walk the halls of the lost labyrinth's chambers, relentlessly patrolling its narrow pathways and corridors to protect its ancient riches. Will you be able to outsmart the ancient Egyptians' undead sentinels and avoid the lost labyrinth's deadly traps? Or will you get lost and succumb to the inevitable grip of death?

The game is amazingly designed with an awesome environment to give you the best experience while playing it. As a player, your task is to concentrate and maintain your focus so that you can find the exit without being killed by obstacles and enemies. It's a very simple objective, but it's not easy to reach. Take control in this amazing labyrinth game and put your skills to the test.

- A fun and exciting puzzle game to test your memory and your wits
- Simple, attractive and high quality graphics designed specially for this game. You will have an awesome feeling while playing in this amazing Egypt pyramid environment. 
- Lose yourself in 30 challenging levels, each with hidden treasures buried within to reward keen explorers
- Compete with friends and family to complete 10 exciting achievements and showcase your puzzle-solving prowess
Link to iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/my/app/escape-labyrinth/id1220291389?mt=8

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