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Emoji Sliding: jumping down


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Emoji Sliding: jumping down

Join your favorite character and become happy every day. Enjoy the new emoji jumping sliding down games of 2017. Jumping and sliding down through the hoops & clouds to collect all the coins and rewards to maximize your score. Go and grab all kinds of emoji with multiple smiley faces and have great fun. Join the city of jumps and avoid all the obstacles. Collect cute and fluffy jelly rewards and have 3D animated emoji gif and crazy puzzles. Super adventure to the happiness so pop your friends and play all over the glob by challenging with high score. 



Bounce from the platform and be the star to the jumping world with emoji. Super funny and cool smiley with fancy modes. Frenzy fun and blitz friends by jumping and moving through the hops. Plugin the happiness in your life and become the happy person in the city. 


The beautiful 3D animated graphics with awesome sound effects and the super emoji animations bring the fun for you. Just forget the keyboard animations join the jumping and sliding down adventure with beautiful and cute emoji. 


- Super emoticons multiple Emoji

- 3D animated graphics and sound

- Collect coins to maximize your score

- Super jelly rewards with fancy and funny Emoji

- Jumping and sliding down through hoops and clouds

- Challenge all friends

- Play offline and online

Link to Google play:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sellmyapp.emojislidingdown


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