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Breakz.FM - Webradio


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Breakz.FM - Webradio



See what DJ is just ONAIR

128KB, 64KB, 48kb, selectable optimally on the go

See what show is currently running

Send wishes and greetings

wishes and greetings also by voice message

schedule when your favorite DJ plays

Latest News on your smartphone

Push notification 15 minutes before a DJ goes ONAIR

Clock radio


Start with just one click on the radio and hear your favorite music.

You can see who is ONAIR and what show is currently running.

Choose from the optimal bit rate, so that your Internet bandwidth is consumed as low as possible.

Send requests or greetings. If you ever just do not want have a ship a voice message.


You can get all the latest news about Breakz.FM.

See you on the latest tracks and mixtapes.

What is the music news from the world currently?

With our News you stay on the road always up to date.


If you do not feel like have to look at the schedule, no problem !:

15 min before a DJ ONAIR goes, you get a push notification, so

you always know exactly when your favorite deejay hangs.

If you do not want to push notification point this out simply.


With the alarm clock wake you from now up every morning with your favorite music and have provided the perfect start to the day.

Simply set the alarm time and wake you up relaxed.

The app must have an Internet connection during sleep, however.


Link to Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fm.radio.breakz


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