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Holo - Ai location triggered messages


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Holo - Ai location triggered messages
Holo is an Ai app for location triggered messages, news, thoughts and recommendations. It enables users to leave a message at a certain location and share it with their friends or for themselves. It can be a experience, memory, tip or a romantic message. Basically just about anything that's on your mind. When the users get to a location they will just then receive the message.

Holo is a location based platform for messaging and socialising that enables users to send or receive the right messages at the right time at the right place. It's thrilling and fun, but also can be very useful as a reminder or set of reminders.

Share your thoughts about a location with your friends through the artificial intelligence features of Holo. All you have to do is choose (or let us auto-detect) a location, enter what you want to share, (or let us auto-detect) a location, enter what you want to share, choose your audience. They'll receive your message when they reach that location.


- When they reach...
Leave messages in any location for your friends to receive when they arrive there. Leave an exciting memory in your favourite theme park so your friends can experience it too. Tell a joke, or share a moment you've experienced together with your friend, lover, family member.

-When I reach...
Create a message just for yourself or when you reach a place notify others. Use it to relive your past experiences or even to just leave yourself a reminder to wash the dishes when you get home or tell your loved one when you reach school, work or the airport. Set your own reminders too, or remind others for certain events or activities.

Holo is the new way of communication. Send location messages and explore. It can be a birthday wish, reminder, recommendation or a negative review. The possibilities are endless.
Link to Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/holo-ai-location-triggered-messages/id1052842088?mt=8

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