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Hamster Pro


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Hamster Pro

Hamster Pro 


How to run safely & get more power? A speedy Hamster needs to get away the dangerous bombs & collects many stars & hearts.

Hamster Pro is a FREE game with addictive and exhilarating arcade game play. You can Help to the cute Hamster as he runs, jumps, slides and whirl through the jungle with the fearsome bomb in this jungle. 


You are a cute little hamster. - run, Hamster Run! It’s a jungle out there but with enough speed you might be able to get away! Run for your life!

Enjoy this exciting, fast-paced running game featuring an incredibly cute and little hamster. Make the fluffy hamster run, jump, slide and glide to safety. Use your reflexes to control the hamster’s movements and keep him out of the bomb blast. Are you up for the challenge? Find out in this action-packed runner!


How to play:

turn your device to landscape 

Tap/click and hold to jump hamster


Collect as many stars & hearts as you can – you’ll need them for power-ups and new high speed level.

You can enjoy with 9 achievements & 9 different levels in this game. Once you have achieved you can won gold trophy.

Link to Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bestmediasolution.hamsterprogame&hl=en


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