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Puzzle Bubble Shooter Classic


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Puzzle Bubble Shooter Classic

Among bubble shooter genre, it is the most amazing and addictive games. Get ready for a new adventure bubble shooter 2017 by downloading this latest free game.


Scary evil monster kidnapped cute kittens. Be the hero to defeat the monsters. Rescue the kittens and bring them back safely to the mother cat.

The kittens are in need you !!!

Why you should choose Puzzle Bubble Shooter Classic

300+ unique and interesting levels

Super impressive graphic and cute games

Funny sounds and music

Special Booster, Combo, or Items will help you easily overcome the challenges and bubble pop

Discovering 4 addictive game modes 

Runs well on all Android devices

Simple classic games like ab pop and easy to play, but challenging to master!

How to Play Puzzle Bubble Shooter Classic

Drag or tap and hold the finger to move the aiming direction

Release the finger to bubble shooter

Match 3 balls of the same color or more to bubble pop

Create amazing combos & boosters: rainbow, lava, fairy, fire, super aim to overcome the challenge easier

Finish many challenging tasks to rescue the kittens: clear the top, save animal, free the ghost, defeat the mogana…Get it FREE now!


Link to download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vg.games.puzzlebubbleshooterclassic


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