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One Wheel Marty !


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One Wheel Marty !

One Wheel Marty! is a fast paced, 3D block puzzle game that requires only one thing from the player: to arrange the blocks so his character can stay on the platforms. Sorting blocks in different shapes fast requires great concentration and it is ultra-exciting, especially when the games get faster and more demanding. Can you help your character stay alive in this block 3D action puzzler?



Don’t think that all you need is to tap and arrange blocks. Watch out, there are different types of blocks that can also do damage. Avoid the blocks with spikes, broken blocks and the bomb blocks, they will destroy your character. This adds additional exciting dimension to One Wheel Marty !



As the different kind of blocks may harm you, there are power-ups that will be of large help in your quest for the highest score. Your character can be slowed down, stopped so you can plan his moves and setup many blocks and the blocks can be set automatically. Utilize these 3 power-ups when the going gets tough.



The characters moves faster and faster as you progress. It will become extremely challenging as you play, so be prepared. Plan and strategize your moves, but be focused because some blocks may harm you!


One Wheel Marty features:

• 10 Unique Characters

• Arranging blocks gameplay

• Upbeat soundtrack and effects

• Top notch 3d block graphics

• 3 different blocks 

• 3 different power-ups

• Progressive increase in speed


Feel the real excitement in a great blocks platformer.

Arrange the blocks and enjoy. Top the leaderboard with a high score!

Get it FREE now!


Link to download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.justkvl.owm


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