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Mort's Minions Side Scroller: Improve & Try Again


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Mort's Minions Side Scroller: Improve & Try Again
Mort's Minions is an indie adventure roleplaying game with a retro vibe! It's very simple to play with tons of levels. 

In Mort's Minions, you are a hero of your people, trying to discover why the minions are attacking your people. Jump, dodge, slash, and cast your way to victory by defeating minions and uncovering clues to their mysterious behavior.

Travel the 4 worlds, Terra, Aqua, Ignis and Astra. Unique artwork and minions for every world!

Each character has different skills! Play as Jim the Warrior, May the Archer, Leonard the Monk or Gary the Mage. Find your favorite play style with 5 skills per character.

Earn stars by beating levels and use them to improve your character. 30 upgrades per character! Reset your skills to change your strategy anytime!

Each level has multiple challenges to play - see if you can beat them all to show your skill!

Compete to be the top in Mort's Minions leaderboards and track your progress by gaining achievements along the way.

Game designed and developed by Dan Bellinski at Base11 Studios, Ltd with support and lots of love from friends and family. Support indie development and give it a try!
Link to ITunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/morts-minions/id1082229199?ls=1&mt=8



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