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Drakon Legendary Dragons


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Drakon Legendary Dragons

At long last Drakon Legendary Dragons has arrived. This is a dragon collecting game which uses location based map technology but is easier and safer to play than any other location based game.

30 dragons are available to collect, each with their own unique abilities and points to gain. Please read the warning section below before you start playing and also how the game works.

Dragons will spawn in a small radius from your location anywhere in the world, and will change on a daily basis. Can you find them all? Show off to your friends your leader board position! You don't need to walk far to find them and catching them is easy. No walking for miles, and no hatching or training required.

We welcome any feedback on the game and hope you will tell us what you think via an app review, or via our Facebook page. All customer feedback will be personally read and we want to make the game even better for you, so tell us what you think. The more people that play this will lead to more dragons being created later on to collect.

Our Facebook page facebook.com/drakonlegendarydragons has the full story and background on these mythical creatures including the four types of mechanism on how they produce their own fire! Also check out drakonlegendarydragons.com for more information.

Can you collect them all?


Dragons can appear in any place at any time. Sometimes these can be in dangerous or difficult locations. Please do not try to collect them. Wait a few days for them to move on.
Dragons cannot be trained to appear where you want. Players take full responsibility for their actions! Please be careful.
Link to ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/drakon-legendary-dragons/id1147779515?mt=8


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