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Tower Sim: Trump & Hillary


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Tower Sim: Trump & Hillary

Tower Simulation (Tower Sim) is the latest simulation game to build up the mega tower for your super mall kingdom. Celebrities from over the world will help you to manage different shop and business. Your job is to allocate those celebrities wisely and arrange resources for the best performance!

1. Invite celebrities to help you to build up the tower. Trump, Hillary, Obama and much more with different abilities and skills are ready to come!
2. Upgrade your tower and make more money from your city.
3. Unlock over 70 Celebrities and over 100 talents to finish the collection!
3. Over 200 products are available to upgrade and unlocks!
4. Over 70 items and gears are available to discover!
5. Discover secret boxes for special chance to get bonus!
6. Compete with every tycoon over the world!
7. Unlock White House, Police Station, Logistics Centre, Casino, Parks and more for special events!

1. You work as a founder of the city. You need to pick up one celebrity as the CEO for your business. Trump, Hillary and more celebrities are available to choose.
2. Build up new shop and assign a celebrity to startup the business.
3. Buy in resources from markets and fill up the orders
4. Collect Friend Chips and prepare to upgrade your managers, buildings and more!
5. Unlock new hotels and generate more incomes!
6. Join the leadership board and to be the billionaire!

1. You have to manage all talents to build up the tower. It simulates how to run business and buy in resources
2. Allocates friend chips to upgrade different properties
3. Tower Sim has the unique game play that you can't miss!

Link to Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mostcore.towertycoon



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