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MOODIFY Relax Sleep Yoga FREE


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MOODIFY Relax Sleep Yoga FREE



Prime version has 300+ Sounds, 185+ Hand picked categorized RELAX RADIO channels, One time Purchase, No Advertisement, No In App Purchase, No Subscription system

We have reduced the app size drastically,enabled easier panel navigation,download from server,play offline and sync option,bug fix,performance improvement,less power and memory use,sound name scrolling,quick access to favorite and sync,back button handle,smart download queue.

First time ever!!!! 300+ unique hand picked Relaxing music melody ambient nature offline Yoga,Meditation, Workout,Sleep,Lullaby,Ocean,Rain,Storm,Beach,Forest,Wind,Instrumental Sounds divided in 9 Categories with 40+ Brainwave sounds including Isochronic, Binaural, White Noise, Solfeggio sounds,185+ Hand picked categorized RELAX RADIO channels

Change the Rhythm of Living. Moodify is an All in One, Simple, Categorized App professionally built just to personalize your entire day relaxation and assist you sleep sound. Sleep better, avoid Insomnia. Moodify Categorize relaxation sounds in 9 simple Categories to match your every mood, every time.
Give yourself the best professional Relaxing App now available only in Android.

Unbeatable bank of 300+ Outstanding high quality ambient sounds, many of them are original field Recording, 42 brainwave frequencies, 9 categories for easy browse
Play in background.
Mix your favorite nature sounds & melody together with different volumes to create your own personal melodies. Create almost infinite possibilities! Thousands of way to Relax and fall asleep!
Includes out of the box Pre-Mix favorites for easy startup
Create, Save, Name and Replay your favorites easily
Timer system to set a duration to your favorite mixes. Ideal when you’re going to sleep.
185+ Hand picked categorized RELAX RADIO channels, free version have 12 channels
One Touch toggle HD wallpaper view, High quality professional design, blur icon presentation to soothe your eye,smart download queue, Go to Main Category to view all sub category sounds, Enjoy unique and beautiful interface for easy selection of sounds

Can be used in any situation to relax yourself for Morning Meditation Yoga, Work out exercise, Ambient Sounds, Instrumental Relax, Brain wave sounds, Night Lullaby, Beach & Ocean Nature sounds, Wind Storm Rain Nature Sounds or Forest Nature sounds, also ideal for your baby to help fall asleep. It’s a perfect anti-stress app.
Play them any time from your Favorite to Relax entire day, Sleep naturally into a relaxed state of mind listening professionally designed Relaxing sounds
Awake, feel refreshed and happier every time
Do it every time, any time.

Under Relax Radio Prime version, you will get "RelaxLounge", "Meditation", "Workout Hitz", "BrainWave", "Nature", "Sleep", "Instrumental", "International", "Favorite" tabs where we have carefully hand picked around 188 most popular radio stations for only you.

Link to Download:

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