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Baby Wooden Puzzle Blocks


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Baby Wooden Puzzle Blocks

Every Baby and Kid like puzzle games and Your Children will love this fun wooden block puzzle game. This is the best ad-free block puzzle game that your kids would love to play.

Baby Wooden Puzzle Blocks game is an educational learning puzzle blocks game to play with your little ones. Babies and toddlers can have fun playing for a long time with easy wooden puzzle blocks.

*** Free - More than 200+ wooden puzzles for Free ***
*** No Ads - Play Game without Ads ***

Here are how you play the “Baby Wooden Puzzle Blocks” game –
- Touch the screen and drag the puzzle into place
- Easy movement of puzzle blocks across screen
- High-quality graphics
- 7 Different Levels (Basic, Alphabet, Owls, Special One, Babies and Mommies, For Boys, For Girls)
- More than 260+ original and nice wooden puzzle blocks images
- Sweet background music
- Drag & Drop animations
- Stars animation after each correctly solved puzzle
- After each level mini game to have more fun

*** More than 200+ easy wooden blocks are available for FREE and without ADS ***
So, what are you waiting for? Just download this amazing wooden block puzzle game and help your kids learn better.


Link To Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.neagames.BabyPuzzleBlocks



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