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WiFi Explore


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WiFi Explore

WiFi Explore is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and share their WiFi connections all around the world. WiFi Explore is the first WiFi peer-to-peer app that gives the user the option to buy or sell their WiFi connectivity for a competitive price. Staying connected worldwide is easy with WiFi Explore since WiFi Explore offers a community of commerce contributing to the WiFi Explore marketplace.

Connecting securely has never been easier. WiFi Explore is an efficient management tool that securely stores passwords in a highly secured database. The system automatically easily connects users wanting to use a provider’s WiFi without hassle and without the user ever knowing the provider’s password.

WiFi Explore management tools helps keep track of usage history, and money earned. Users may be billed based on megabytes used, a flat fee, time connected to the WiFi and/or other billing units and methods. Sellers/providers may input prices manually without a minimum or maximum, giving the seller/provider flexibility to charge based on need, supply and demand, etc. Additionally, the user has the flexibility to use WiFi Explore only when and for the period of time that the service is needed.


Search: Embedded Google maps help locate listings in user’s local area. If no results are found nearby, users can broaden their search using Zip Code, City, State and/or other search parameters.

Security: Listed connections are required to have encrypted WiFi, and must connect in area where the connection is set up.

Authentication: Users are verified with email, mobile phone, payment method and/or other known methods of verification.

Smart disconnect: When WiFi is not present, the application may disconnect automatically.

Money management system: Providers may view their history of sales, or purchased megabytes by viewing their history log. Similarly, users may view their history of purchases by viewing a similar history log.

Link to Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zaingz.holygon.wifiexplore


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