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Tap and Smash


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Tap and Smash

TAP and SMASH is the #1 new gaming app on the market! This unique game will leave you hooked and eager to play again, thanks to its addictive multiplayer mode. Challenge family and friends or take on the
players at the top of the world leaderboard for an intense, challenging, and most importantly, a fun gaming experience! With its HD graphics and sounds, you will be transported into the fantasy world of TAP and
SMASH in no time.

This game truly surpasses its competitors to ensure one of a kind gameplay for all users. Thanks to its simple, yet challenging nature, TAP and SMASH is climbing the charts like crazy. One of TAP and SMASH’s best features that sets it apart from other apps is its randomly generated levels. By mixing up the level of difficulty each time you play, you are guaranteed a unique gaming experience each and every time! Collect coins and swap them for coveted powerups that will send you soaring to the top of the leader boards.


- Simple, yet challenging one finger game play
- Innovative and engaging multiplayer experience
- Vivid HD graphics and sounds
- Exciting randomly generated levels
- Powerful in-app purchases
- Creative special effects

New updates include a detailed gameplay tutorial, powerup adjustments, and minor bug fixes.

**Download TAP and SMASH today**

Link to Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tapandsmash.tapandsmash&hl=en


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