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Road Fun Games Car


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Road Fun Games Car

Fancy a retro racing ride through different cities, backgrounds and roads? Well try Road Fun Games Car, game that we worked really hard to make ultra-interesting and exciting. At its core this is a simple and one of the most addictive car games!

## The GOAL ##

The goal of the game is really simple. Drive the car along the road and avoid the cars and trucks coming the opposite way. Survive as long as you can.

## Don’t forget the COINS ##As in any club racing game, coins do matter. Collect the coins and the money bags to buy new cars.

## Retro car RACING ##

This game car may remind you of the various retro car games we played on the consoles. Nevertheless, you will still enjoy every second of it!

## Get Through the TRAFFIC ##

The traffic can be a mess, and you’ll need to show good reaction and calmness to get through the obstacles and maintain yourself in the game longer. You’ll need good driving skills to survive.

## Tons of UPGRADES ##

You are not alone on the road. There are several upgrades that you can get while you are driving. Also, if you collect the coins you’ll be able to purchase multiple cars and perform even better on the road.

## Road Fun Games Car FEATURES ##

• Simple controls
• Easy control and management of the car
• Magnet power-up Included.
• Tons of different racing obstacles
• Unique racing environments
• Ability to upgrade the cars
• Great graphics and sound.

Link to Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Road.Fun




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