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Birds In Paradise


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Birds In Paradise
Love bird games or block puzzle matching game? Introducing an incredibly addictive puzzle block matching game where you match three or more birds of same color to crush them from the block. Birds in Paradise includes very cute and amazing game graphics so you will fall in love with the game play while playing with birds in this birds paradise game. Play this game with cute birds of different colors. This birds paradise game also includes different themed obstacles while playing. You come across different explosions in the birds block puzzle match game. This is an amazing game that tests your brain’s puzzle solving capabilities.
- Match three or more birds of same color
- Match birds by selecting birds to form a line
- Match either in a vertical line, horizontal line or diagonally
- Avoid obstacles specific to levels
- Complete level challenges, like collecting stars or more
“Birds in Paradise” game allows you limited moves for each level. On finishing the moves, you can either buy more moves or lose your life. In this birds game, you get limited lives to play with. Your lives are recovered after some time so you can continue to enjoy this challenging block puzzle game.
The Birds in Paradise Game is built with amazing game graphics with soothing game sounds so you can enjoy a smooth game play. While playing this game you will come across magical boosters that include birds destroyer, cute birds color replacer, birds row and column destroyer. Not only you come across challenging levels with different targets to achieve but you can also challenge your Facebook friends. The birds game includes a leader board where you can show up by building high score and beating your friend’s score.
Link to ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/birds-in-paradise/id1149863917


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