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Mars Leap - Robot Game


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Mars Leap - Robot Game

Play the most challenging and exciting game “Mars Leap - Robot Game”. The game has many challenging levels for everlasting fun and excitement. Each level has lots of challenges and the levels become more tougher and adventurous as you progress. Get an awesome experience with amazing graphics and sound effects. The game gives you an experience of a real world gaming enjoyment.

Be very quick and fast. Control the robot with really simple gaming controls. Just tap to keep rolling and leaping the robot to avoid the challenging obstacles that come in your way. Along with the challenges the speed increase as you make progress. You need to be really quick to avoid obstacles and build a score. Control the robot in Mars to overcome all the challenges and score the highest score. Aim at scoring the highest score in each level and beat your own score.

The gameplay is super fun and exciting for all age groups from kids to adults. Get the awesome exciting game and play anytime and anywhere. With “Mars Leap” you will never get bored. The app is updated to let the players enjoy the challenging level more frequently. Put on your gaming skills and complete the Mars Mission to score the maximum points. Challenge your friends to compete against your score and be the Mars Master. The game is all bout the quick response to overcome the obstacles and scoring the maximum points in order to beat up your own best score and create a new record. Complete the most challenging and make your Mars journey the most thrilling and adventurous.

Link to Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cebtion.marsleap


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