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Pill Saga


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Pill Saga

Looking for a challenging and a simple game? Take the “Pills Strategy Game” challenge now. This simple classic game has an interesting and impressive user interface with really intuitive controls. On the game, you find different color pills to crush by matching colors. It is a very handy game and liked by people from all age groups. Its yet another match game but its really cool interface and difficulty levels make it different. Its not about different features, its all about the access to features in a different way. Identify the possibility of existence of three same-colored pills. Just swipe it out and match the three pills of the same color or same type to clear off the pills quickly. In fact earn special bonus pill on matching 4 or more pills in a row. These special pills will help you in clearing off the pills and earn more and more points. Join the Pills Mania now.
“Pills Strategy Game” is the best game for passing your time and relieving your stress. With pills challenge you are never bored, not even for a single minute. Although playing the game is really simple, it requires intelligent and smart mind to clear off the pills. It is a complete strategy game. Relax your mind by playing this most strategic and addictive game ever.
To add on more excitement and challenges, the game is full of surprises and challenges as you progress on. With all new bonuses getting introduced and blocking your way to clear off the pills, you get the best opportunity to show your gaming skills. “Pills Strategy Game” comes in multiple different levels.
Amazing game graphics
Easy and intuitive controls, just swipe on tiles
Game sounds to enhance your gaming experience
Multiple Game Levels with different difficulty
Track high scores and leader board
Gear up! Use your amazing game skills and strategy to eliminate the pills by matching the 3 or more pills of the same type and earn more and more points. Beat up your own score and challenge your own skills.

Link to Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.incubator.pillsaga


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