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Carnival Life is a truly unique experience. Imagine sitting back in your living room putting on a
pair of google cardboard virtual reality goggles and then being transported to a beach in Brazil
where you can relax and watch the waves come in before visiting one of several outdoor carnival 
events anywhere in the world. Maybe you will visit an amusement park and take a trip on an
amazingly exciting ride.

If you find that you like one of the locations that you visit then you can visit our online travel
agency where you can book a real visit to the location that you have experienced. Thats not all
you can buy souvenirs from any of the virtual destinations that you visit in our online souvenir
store. You can also visit our online boutique where you can buy some great cloths for summer.

You may decide that you simply want to be entertained. You can select from a specially chosen selection of upbeat channels that cover fashion, film, food, culture and more. No monthly charges
simply enjoy. You can also have access to websites and newspapers from across the world.

Link to Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.apps.appsd7db9820aae4




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