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Pumpkin Path – Logic Puzzle Game


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Pumpkin Path – Logic Puzzle Game
Want to test your logic or problem solving skills in a fun 3D puzzle game? 

“Pumpkin Path” requires logic, strategy and problem solving skills to navigate a path around the local farmers pumpkin field. Show off your epic problem solving skills or logical ability to the world while navigating across the pumpkin field avoiding the farmer and exploding paths.
This Pumpkin Path game demands logic and mental strength to solve each puzzle path, the initial levels being easy to get you started, while the levels getting more complex as the game progresses. Each level uses fixed logic, so all game levels can be solved by using your problem solving skills. This Pumpkin Path game includes a total of 60 levels to test your problem solving skills. The app includes a game leader board feature via Facebook so you know which friend is doing well with this logic puzzle game. If you need help solving each puzzle, power ups are on hand. As you advance through the levels improving your high score, you get ranked better on the leader board. Challenge your Facebook friends and see who is the most cunning or strategic thinker.
The “Pumpkin Path – Logic Puzzle” game is suited for all players and abilities.

In the “Pumpkin Path” game, you play as Pi, a blue bird with an appetite for pumpkins. Avoid the cunning pumpkin farmer a fox called Fawkes who has a penchant for poultry and pumpkin pie. To advance each level, just gather one large pumpkin while navigating across the pumpkin farm and try not to get backed in to a corner. Both characters take turns to move, as the game progresses, one player is left without any possible path to follow, they become stranded.

Still looking for reasons to start playing this amazing “Pumpkin Path” game? Here are the highlights of this original puzzle game –
• Multiple game levels with different difficulty
• Turn-based game play where each character takes turn to play
• 60 Levels to test your problem solving ability
• Multiple ways to solve each level, play again, boost your score 
• Game Play Tutorial included to help you get started
• Facebook Leader board, track your friends’ progress 
• Power ups help solve the more difficult levels

“Pumpkin Path” game is free and does not require any in-app purchases! So, what are you waiting for? Download this challenging logic puzzle game to start testing your ability to solve logic puzzles. Pumpkin Path will have you coming back for more, with its high quality 3D interface and timely help (in the way of power up cheats).
Link to ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pumpkin-path/id1043646683


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