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Sudoku 2016 - No one Can Solve


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Sudoku 2016 - No one Can Solve
Sudoku 2016 - No One Can Solve is the combination of the classic Sudoku and Puzzle sliding game. If you think you are a Master at Sudoku and Puzzle sliding game, then No One Can Solve will take it to the next level.
This game is made so that only we – the creator – can solve it. Try it if you dare. We bet you won’t even be able to pass the 4th level. And even if you can, try to reach the last level, where only we – the creator – can solve it
No One Can Solve offer almost impossible puzzles that we challenge you to solve. But don’t worry, with every puzzle, our “Tutorial” can teach you the techniques you need to make progress. The instructions are easy to understand and if you are already a expect player, you can skip through it to dive straight into the game. The tutorial help you understand the basic of the game, they help you learn the “why” behind the answer. This feature will help you learn all the techniques you need to solve Sudoku puzzles whether you’re a complete novice playing your first game, or you’ve progressed all the way to expert difficulty. 
Our game is not just a simple Sudoku. With the combination of Sliding puzzle games and the rule of Sudoku, this game will get you sit for hours looking for the answer. On the road there will be bonus to help you gain higher score, but don’t depend on it too much, since the time limit is always ticking.
No One Can Solve will be the simplest yet intriguing, advance yet addicting game you’ve ever played, and it’s completely free!

- Simple and easy to play design
- Mind-blogging level, from easy as 1 2 3 to insanely difficult
- Three beautiful grid style
- New element being introduce every 3 levels
- High score leader board for you to beat
- Advanced game options
- Universal App looks great on both phones and tablets
- Challenging levels with answer 
No One Can Solve is the next level of puzzle games. We dare you to beat this insanely game and hope you enjoy it to your heart content
Link to ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/vn/app/id1119108510


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