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Blocks and Tiles


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Blocks and Tiles
Do you love puzzle games? Well.. This game is for you.

Blocks and Tiles is a very fun and challenging isometric puzzle game.

The goal of the game is to put the block to the destination by rolling it.

Inspired by the famous Bloxorz games, this game takes the genre to one more level.

Intuitive controls: Swipe in a particular direction to roll the block in that direction.

Challenging levels: The levels are designed and fine tuned several times to make them as perfect as they can be. We made sure that the levels are simple yet challenging.

We are sure that you will feel addicted after playing few levels. There are different types of tiles, which perform different actions when the block stands on it. Please read the instructions carefully before playing the game.

Player needs to take care that the block should not fall of edges or get stressed. You should also be aware of some traps with can make you fail the level.

Each level require logic and brain challenge. Complete the level in less time to earn more bonus points. Stars will be awarded based on the score. Try and collect all the stars!

PLEASE NOTE! Blocks and tiles is free to download and play with 20 levels, however there are 39 more levels can be purchased. More levels and features are coming soon. Stay tuned!

Please rate the app if you love this game. Don't like the game? Like to see a new feature in the game? Write to us, and we will consider your feedback and improve the game.

Finally, thank you for playing our game. Please spread the word.. Don't keep this game for yourself!! :)

Link to ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/blocks-and-tiles/id1085444600?mt=8


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