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Fantasy Memory Card Game


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Fantasy Memory Card Game
Mymero will be a fantasy memory card game for the iPad. Mymero challenges you to remember where your characters are located. You must also make clever use of the bonuses and combo's they give in certain situations.
•    You can ask friends in your network, through Facebook or email.
•    You can donate any amount, starting at 1$.
•    If you like the music you can just buy the soundtrack!
•    If you do buy more you really help maximizing the volume of content!
•    No Credit Card? Just send me a message.
You receive Quests that tell you how much Magic, Power and Defense you need, as well as which Characteristics are required. Flipping over a card activates it for the quest, so that it may satisfy (part) of what is needed. For instance, a Quest could ask for 5 Magic, 5 Power, 5 Defense and the Characteristic "Honor".
Flipping over Nomi, Duel Champion would mean you need to flip over yet another card that has 5 or more Magic, to fulfill the Quest. You can have only 3 cards flipped over at any time, so you must find the right combinations. Sometimes the order matters. For instance, a card with "Firstpicked" in the characteristic will give boost your stats when flipped over first. There is always a limited number of Attempts to make it to the next Level.
Link to kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/662901764/mymero-for-ipad

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