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Surf Track


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Surf Track
Surf Track allows you to track your surf sessions with serious accuracy. Check out how how many waves you catch, and how fast they are, and how many turns you crushed. 

See each wave in detail with our speed lines that show you where your performance was the best it could be along with a graph showing your moves.

You can keep track of all your sessions and share them to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to show everyone how much you truly ripped that day! 

Want to know how much paddling you did today? We show you how much time you spent paddling and what distance you covered. You'll be surprised as to how much distance you're really covering in a session.

Use Surf Track to learn how you did in a session and see if you're improving by how many waves you catch, your turns, and your speed.

Most importantly, go out there, rip it up, and have fun!!
Link to download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/surf-track/id1020948920?mt=8


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