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Princess Drawing School


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Princess Drawing School

Princess Drawing School is a free coloring game for toddlers, preschool, and kindergarten kids. We designed this coloring game especially for 2 – 5 years old children. There are fun puzzles and characters in this amazing kids game to color! The best thing is that our cool puzzle game is FREE.

Princess Drawing School for kids is not designed only for your 2-5 years old daughter but for your son as well. Color the coloring pages of characters on your phone or tablet in this virtual coloring game and painting book. It so easy that even toddler can play and paint. This coloring game is a kids learning game where children can color many awesome characters from cartoons. They will love it and it will help them to be more creative.

Your children can color or doodle whenever they want to. Doodling, painting and drawing was never so easy and funny. Let your kids be creative by downloading this free game. We have more than 10 pictures and your kids need to color them. We have integrated some awesome and beautiful colors.

Those are some features of our free puzzle game:
Easy gameplay, you need just to choose the color that you want to make and tap the screen to color the picture. Very easy!
Cute but realistic pieces of puzzles that will enable your preschool and kindergarten kids to be more creative and make awesome drawings.
Your kids can improve their creativity by playing our game.
A simple gameplay designed especially for toddler fingers and hands. It is playable by young kids and will help them develop their fine drawing and coloring skills.

If you are a parent of toddlers, you will understand how hard it is to keep them occupied. It is even harder to make them learn something that doesn’t interest them. Don’t worry. We created this drawing and coloring game just for your kids. We are parents ourselves and understand the psychology of learning. Your kids will learn something useful while enjoying every minute of it.

Link to Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sb.princessdrawingschool


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