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neon color climb
Neon Color Climb – Color Game FREE is the ultimate infinite color jump game for every age. The objective of this game is to move the little dot as far as possible, passing obstacles such as the colorful wheels. You only need to use one touch to move the dot by making it do a color run. To win this circle game, you need to stay focused and time your tapping movement. Before they pass each spinning ring, the dot will do a color switch. You must match the colour of your little dot to the colour of the color wheel or the game will end.
The gameplay of this color game is very simple. It only use on touch to tap the screen to make the little dot to do a color jump forward. However, the numerous obstacles will certainly give any gamer a challenge. First of all the dot will switch colors before the next challenge begins when it goes through the blinking colour dots. You need to tap to move it forward and enter the color wheel. However, the spinning wheels move so fast. Neon Color Climb – Color Game is a challenging arcade color game but it’s certainly one of the most exciting circle games you will ever play on your mobile device!
There is no time limit for each movement. But if you don’t keep tapping, the dot will fall and touch the wrong side of the colorful wheels. This is another challenge that the gamer face in this fun color run game. You need a hefty dose of patience and persistence to learn and achieve high scores in this circle game. There is no limit to how high the score you can achieve because this is an infinity color jump game!
• FREE TO PLAY. There’s no need to spend a dime to enjoy this fun color game.
• MINIMALIST MODERN DESIGN. Neon Color Climb – Color Game has minimalist and modern design that makes it easy to stay focused on the objective of this game.
• ENDLESS GAME. There is no limit on how long you can play or how many obstacles you can pass! It also means that you can enjoy infinite hours of addictive gameplay!
• SIMPLE GAMEPLAY. You only need one touch to play the game. You only need to tap on the screen to make the little dot do a color jump.
• CHALLENGING OBSTACLES. Your dot will switch colors before it moves on to the next colorful wheels. Then it must pass the spinning ring and touch only the side with same colour. Certainly not easy by any stretch of imagination.
• IMPROVE YOUR GAMING SKILLS. This infinite color run game will help you improve your hand eye coordination, timing, and patience. Never give up and you will certainly master our circle game in no time!
• GET HIGH SCORE! Achieve High Score on the global Leaderboard and prove that you are the best color switch arcade gamer in the world!
So are you ready to accept the color switch challenge yet? If you are still not sure, we provide you some tips that will help you play this color run game.
1. Stay Focused. Don’t be distracted while you are playing this endless color jump game. Once you stop concentrating, the game is over.
2. Timing. The only key to win this game is the perfect timing. Time it when your dot switch colors. Time it when it do a color run to move into the color wheel. Time the tap to keep it floating before moving forward.
3. Practice. Don’t give up and keep playing this exciting arcade circle game to improve your mastery!
Link to Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.domain.neonee


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