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Wej Camera
Wej Camera gives people an opportunity to take a photo from the same place, that someone has been to before, and took a photo of, too.
From all photos that have been added to the place, Wejwej creates “a live photo”, shows how places change throughout the day or from the first shot to the last one. Wejwej is for people who likes to spend their time outside, hangout with friends and capture the moments on their camera. More on https://www.wejwej.com.

- Displaying of spots on map: Each spot is represented as grey pin. When you open the spot, its content will download into the app and the pin changes its colour from grey to blue. Blue pins mark the spots, which are downloaded into your phone, so they are available to you even when the app is in so-called OFFLINE mode. When you click the pin, you open the detail of the spot and its time-lapse slideshow will pop up with opportunity to add a new shot.

- Adding new shots to existing places: You can add a new spot to already existing place only when you have your GPS strong enough and when you are in 50 m range of the given place. Otherwise, the camera shutter is locked.
When you tap the shutter button for the first time, app will show you an overlay that will help you to take your shot properly. And then all the fun begins. Target the spot using overlay, try to do some step forward, backwards, or to the sides. GPS is not always accurate and there is only an approximate position shown. So it is all up to you to find the right inclination, angle and the point of camera.
When everything seems to fit, press the shutter button again and take a photo.

- A slideshow creating: After adding another photo to the slideshow, Wejwej instantly creates a time-lapse video from your and others shots that has already been taken and you can immediately check whether your shot is up to your expectations, whether you like it or not, etc…
If you don’t find yourself pleased with your last photo, you can fix it by adding a new shot from the same place in a time of 10 minutes - your previous photo will be replaced with a new one. Don’t worry, there’s nothing you could ruin. If your photo is not accurate, Wejwej will erase it from slideshow.

- Adding a new place: You can create a new place only if there is not any other already existing place in a radius of 50 m. You can just tap the "Add New Place" button. When you add a new place, it is visible only for you. Other Wejwej users will be able to find it only when it has 3 moments at least.

- OFFLINE/ONLINE mode: If you have poor internet connection or if you use roaming data because you are abroad, the app will turn into the OFFLINE mode. In OFFLINE mode, you can add new photos to places you have already downloaded to the app - BLUE PINs, and also you can add new places. Photos added in this way will be stored localy, and will be synchronised to the map when your phone will be on better internet connection or on WiFi. Places witch non synchronized photos are marked as RED PIN.
In app settings you can choose when your app sets itself into the OFFLINE mode : “Mobile data + Wifi” or “Wifi only”, which is useful mainly when you use your roaming data.

- Building network: On Wejwej the biggest fun is to create timelapse live foto with other people. There you can easly create your own community by simple “following” and "starring" your places. On Wejwej you are earning points, as you growing up through levels new features are unlocking for you and the biggest deal is that you and your places are more visible on the map.

Don't forget : Wejwej is an open platform where everybody can be creative, spend time outdoor and enjoy a lot of new experiences on new places.
Link to iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wej-camera/id1114079230


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