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Game Show Adventure Quiz Games


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Game Show Adventure Quiz Games


 Game Show Adventure is a general knowledge quiz game unlike anything you've ever seen or played before.
Inspired by those arcade pub quiz games you used to get down the local pub, this game turns your device into a really fun quiz machine that you'll never want to put down.
In general trivia games tend to be a bit boring but mixed with TV Game Shows, memory brain games, pub quiz games and arcade classics you have a game that never gets boring, it will make you love quizzes all over again, even if you hate games for general knowledge you will love Game Show Adventure.

Set in 3 worlds you start your journey in the jungles of the Aztec Zone where you have to climb an old pyramid solving really good brain games along the way.
You get to play TV game shows inspired by Catchphrase and Deal or No Deal and play arcade classics like Frogger in a tropical setting.

Conquer the Aztec zone and you're transported to the deserts of Egypt where an even larger pyramid awaits and the general trivia games are a lot harder to beat.
In the Egypt zone you get to take part in a camel race, find your way through a maze of passages within the great pyramid to find the treasure.
Another arcade game tests your reflexes by collecting coins in an Egypt style Pac Man game while you try to avoid the mummies.

If you manage to make it out of Egypt alive you are taken to Vegas to play thrilling gamble games like slot machines and roulette.
Try your luck with TV game shows like Play Your Cards right and buy some lottery scratch cards in the Vegas shops.

Game Show Adventure is also a turn based multiplayer trivia game with really good brain games, IQ quiz games, geography quizzes, world geography trivia and a good mix of puzzle games that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours on end.

For the people that love quizzes there are 3 types of timed trivia game, the general knowledge quiz game, the cash builder timed trivia game and the fast and furious games for general knowledge mayhem, all the pub quiz games are against the clock and each has it's own unique style of game play.
It has games for general knowledge where the quiz questions are carefully chosen for an international audience that can be answered by any English speaking person no matter where you were born.

There are lots of really good brain games too! Memory brain games like find the pairs and Simon and other puzzles to test your IQ like the Tower of Hanoi and Connect 4 to name a few.
If you love quizzes, geography quizzes, pub quiz games, memory brain games, world geography trivia, IQ quiz games, puzzle games, arcade games, general trivia games and are looking for a multiplayer trivia game then look no further this game has it all and a lot more besides.

Link to Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.quizpub.orders.Gameshow_Adventure




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