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rm-625 chinese firmware based on N-97 c5-03 unlock and some other modifications


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:) hi friends .Here i am posting the link to the chinese firmware for rm-625.They have named it -(5233 ANNA pseudo-perfect version 97 firmware V50.1.001! Comes with a lot of 3rd party icon ANNA).

some of the features they have mentioned sounds promsing.

Link to the firmware://Link removed - NikShiP

Firmware Name: 5233 pseudo-97 firmware V50.1.001 ANNA perfect version! comes with a lot of 3rd party icon ANNA

Firmware Version: 5233 v50.1.001 RM625

Can brush models: 5230 All RM625 theoritical models

Download: Click here to download the 5233 pseudo-version 97 firmware V50.1.001 perfect ANNA

The firmware is:

5233 machine firmware + N9 + N97 icon (ANNA) + C5-03 unlock + N8 cross-screen menu (Symbian ^ 3 horizontal screen menu) + N8 of

Slide the subject of special effects effects + N8 + C6 + XXXXX = the subject of a great experience!

Steady rate, complete ANNA! By My 5233 version of the firmware I toss this for three months, should now be good! A few days before the Forum

Anna was also made a material good, is the third icon too, so I have to manually add a lot of (some of their production). Now the perfect strategy!

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------

1. streamline the project: search, gallery, information broadcast, tape recorder, notepad (not completely removed, TXT or can be opened directly in the phone), voice commands

(Completely removed, there will not be set in options), chat rooms, ZIP Manager, software updates, boingo, the current memo, sync, update equipment, Joikuspotpremium, fmtxapp, help, download, service, unit conversion, Qik software, QuickOffoce software,Adobe Reader,ovi, synchronization, OVI Music, OVI store, search, chat rooms, drawing, My Nokia, About on,Setup Wizard, SIM card applications, online sharing and desktop plug-ins, wlan wizard and access points, desktop widget, podcasts and music

Podcast text prompts, N97 sliding settings ....

2 firmware content:

1. Streamline the Chinese language to retain only

2. Modified the cache to speed up the speed to increase memory, reduced application time off anyway to speed up screen display switching speed system interface speed,

3. Enhanced game fluency (modified, together with the acceleration MOD, good) was revised to N8 inertial sliding brush machine,

4. 5M hard disk space grid to increase C:\ prohibits lattice machine welcome screen text messaging and Bluetooth send to lift restrictions on the call report by default turned off and the expected input sensor is off by default display the default font small camera off completely from the background (not accounting for memory on)

5. Upgraded JAVA for the 2.1 version, not XXJAVA permission to upgrade Flash 3.1 (4) shielding some pictures (including the new security steward of the picture) video search directory to modify the cache to run faster to modify the alarm tone,

6. Snooze time reduced to 10 minutes. Music search path E:\ My music. Communications records, calendar, clock, not in the background a voice for the silent camera fourth run Widget pop-up warnings are no longer translucent background circle to circle round version X7 add standard network switches modify the effects of Symbian ^ 3 Fade effects, good speed to modify the default keyboard lock 20 seconds backlight timeout 15 seconds.

7. RealPlayer icon theme changes with changes in menu sort of information: new information, Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Outbox, sending reports, my folder delete the "information" in the "My Folder" in the content of information displays a list of the default small font number for the 888 SMS memory SIM card contacts default display the contents of the default boot time <1995.02.07 00:00> to add more color folder menu to modify the default menu layout options to add everyday sounds and timing close to the music menu to add the official 3D Photo Browser Nokia Photo menu to the power vertical screen menu, move the signal display (full screen menu).

8. Symbian ^ 3 perfect menu interface, cross-screen button to zoom out, menu captions centered Bluetooth.

9. The default name of "I LOVE U" to remove the video card folder call off the second replacement for the restart button to add "reboot, shut down" option icon to remove the menu and some other left-menu "Help" option to In addition to the menu option in the "Show open programs" to remove the desktop in the "help" and inside the "download" and so remove the "photo" "music" "video" in options in the "help" the perfect off the keyboard lights and sliding vibration Blue dictionary thesaurus add multimedia keys from top to bottom are amended as follows: every day sounds, mobile QQ, a key to turn the screen, X-plore, UC browser. modify XM icon(To produce their own super perfect XM icon).

Hide icon: phone settings, location, software updates, Camera, RealPlayer, X-plore, a key to turn the screen, one button Bluetooth

10. Video switch to add the camera function of the volume keys to adjust the focal length changes the equalizer and add the "perfect sound", the playback Better add "Beckham" of C5-03 sound (thanks to Beckham's share) to modify the file browser supports viewing and 20 C drive root directory permissions (you can browse system, sys, and so the system folder).

11. Added sound amplification patch curing QT platform and its components 4.7.3 Platform 2.5 PY curing curing system patch 2.5, the default implanted visa, accelerated into the system, access crack a patch, patch against network and Q-curing mini keyboard keyboard remove handwriting and full-screen handwriting ( Full screen and mini keyboard seems to conflict with handwriting) curing the menu switch (Figure as switch). Icon hidden, right through the desktop shortcut or call (menu 4 * 4, 4 * 5,3 * 5, and so the switch software) curing a key lock screen (display "lock screen") (2 words easy to set named Right good-looking) (hide icon, but the desktop can still call, can be set to right) click unlock curing curing a key turn the screen font curing Andrews quasi-circular ring and start curing the lovely tone curing Andrews quasi-round desktop clock Show curing refreshing switch images and boot animation curing C6 of the original machine 2 theme (respectively for white cell phone and black cell phone) screen a large number of boot items, optimize boot memory on the boot 63M +. stable, 60 + (I think stable than Win important to keep this firmware stable) (Background security steward, X Manager, I see the X-Manager transport memory, and did not open the menu)

light: ANNA curing complete the System icon, X7 icon completely covered 2,3 level, such as "application settings in the RealPlayer icon, etc. etc. SuperFull version! ANNA also add a large number of third-party icons (some are more so to produce their own full) <when you install the theme, if the original Printer icon theme. What third-party icons such as QQ still or ANNA, because the original machine to the curing of the third-party ANNA icon) N97 firmware fixes most of BUG, BUG as well as your feedback thread

Modified a large number of system configuration, because individuals do not like too much brushing machine settings, on the firmware in the pre-set.

Other DIY anyway, I have forgotten a lot of places, because it is slowly improving, not a one-stop, so some projects written into the forgotten,

(This is now their use is perfect).

Note |:

cell brushing machine must be hard! Hard format (hard grid will start right after it), boot and other keyboard lights off, and then shut down restart it! This PY to use!

i have one more question does chinese firmware include the english language files.If not can we translate it. As of now i am using shubham N97v30 ported firmware and am eager to test the firmwares in this community. i am new to the forum so please let me know if i am violating the rules.

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Yuupps mate, u r violating forum rules, please read them, n please post all the info here only with proper screenshots n download links... I've removed the link to that forum as it against the forum rules.. Kindly update the thread with screenshots n download links or the thread will b trashed..

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