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MDacne - What is the best treatment for Acne? (free)


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MDacne - What is the best treatment for Acne? (free)

Suffer from Acne/Pimples?

Use this app to get your immediate online Dermatologist based analysis, advice and help.

Want to know how to cure your Acne?
In just a few clicks you will get Dermatologist grade Acne tips to handle your pimples.

MDacne is the world’s first Dermatologist based computerized Acne analysis and Acne treatment education system.

For the first time, an app built by a world renown board certified Dermatologist and Acne expert, allows self assessment of your Acne type and severity providing detailed objective self care information with insider tips to manage your Acne.

No need to photoshop and erase you pimples. Learn how to prevent and cure your Acne! Free yourself from your zits and pimples for good.

MDacne applications is free to download. In it's first free to use part the user is able to analyze it’s Acne severity and receive a customized free Acne management plan. The user is also able to get in depth information regarding the different Acne treatment options.

Download from iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/il/app/mdacne-what-is-best-treatment/id1044050208?mt=8

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