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[New Game]Last Line of Defence(free)


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Last Line of Defence
Planet Earth is Under Attack from an Alien Race. You are the last line of defence and the survival of Earth`s only hope. Eliminate the threat on Planet Earth and save the Human Race.
Control your Ship and Blast the Alien Craft`s before they make it to Earth in this Amazing 3D Virtual Shooting Game.
Save our planet and engage in the ultimate space war in which we battle to save ourselves from the alien race. Welcome to Last Line of Defence, the ultimate galaxy defence game that was created with a single goal, to save the planet we live in. You are our Only Hope !
In this stunning Earth defence game you will need to use the cannons on your ship to eliminate and destroy the Alien Race before they get to Earth.
However, you have a limited amount of health as your ship was not prepped for launch before the invasion began, and this is why you will have to guide your ship while trying to defeat all enemies around you.
Last Line of Defence offers you Amazing 3D Game Play and exciting moments, as the game play is very alert, graphics are impressive and the sounds are realistic.
On top of that, this amazing 3D Space Shooter Game is focused on offering a believable, yet fun space war in which you battle for our survival, and that alone makes the game play very personal, which is just amazing!
This amazing 3D game can be downloaded for free right now, Just Hit the Install Button and test your skills and save our planet!
• Action packed battle system
• Save our planet from the alien invaders
• Great 3D graphics
• Wonderful soundtrack
• Exciting game play mechanics
Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appmartgames.lastlineofdefence

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