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[New Game]Neighboring(free)


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Trade virtual stocks of businesses around you, become Warren Buffett among your friends.
Neighboring is a free exciting and fun social / financial game.

- Follow your stocks prices growing in real time;
- Compete with your friends for networth;
- Share your achievements;
- Post news about the businesses you own;
- Discover new businesses around and buy virtual stocks of them.

Currently we are running our open beta phase. As an early user, we would love to hear your feedback! We're working very hard to make Neighboring great with regular fixing bugs and improvements, so your opinion is very important to us. We're still working on new features that will be released soon, along with our main website.

We want you to use the app and give us your first impressions. Neighboring is a social, financial that’s easy to understand and fun to play. You can trade virtual stocks of businesses around you. Compete for the highest net worth. You can make money by trading stocks and also with social activities like: posts, likes, comments, and shares. Most importantly, we want you to enjoy Neighboring and we're looking for hearing from you.

Beta testers requirements. 

Be able to answer the following questions:

- Was the sign up process easy and straightforward enough?
- Did you easily get the general idea of the app? Buying virtual stocks of business around you.
- Was it easy to discover businesses around you and buy stocks?
- Do you know anything about the real stock market?
- Do you think the idea of the app is appealing for you? If no, what group of people might enjoy Neighboring?
- Could you find more information about the business you're interested inside the app?
- Could you find out how to make money with social activities?
- Could you find how to win N$5,000 by inviting people to join the app?
- What could be done to improve your experience?
ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/apple-store/id978828383?mt=8screen322x572.jpeg screen322x572.jpeg

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