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New mods for CFW based on C6V40/N97V30


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Hello mates, I have created the following mods for cfw based on C60V40. (I dont see these mods anywhere in the forums) I have added these mods into my cfw and they working fine. Tested. 1. Freeidecomm - This is the single application for extracting both zip files and rar files. (You need not to install zip manager to  extract zip files & winrar to extract rar files as two application separately in cfw. 2. Quick rotate - Used to rotate screen. Use and enjoy. If you like my post, please give +1



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Quickrotate is present in Allure cfw, how can u say u made it? :|

I dont know quick rotate present in allure..bcas i have not tried that one..

The creator might not publish that as a mod..he might use in his cfw..

Anyhow how I can extract that particular mod from his rofs2?

How do you pull out a specific mod for an external application from a rofs2 by searching and identifying respected files among various location?

Really I dont know....(you may know that trick..so you asked like this!!!!! :-SS)

Any way, if he published as a mod, I want to share the credit with him which I get

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