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[FREE] Quickey Advanced Calculator


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A cool new app  Quickey Advanced Calculator
1.Free calculator for your phone. This calculator has most of the scientific functions
in the standard scientific calculator and automatically saves all your calculations to the history.
2.Take a look at this calculator it comes with a percentage key and comes with a discount calculator that you can
use to quickly calculate discounts for your shopping list.
3.Good looking calculator for your android phone or tablet. You can use it in portrait mode or landscape mode and comes with backspace key, percentage key and most of the usual scientific functions such as
trig functions, square root, cube root, power,....
4.Practical calculator for your phone that is easy to use and does not take much space.
5.Free calculator with loads of features and a 2 in 1 calculator: scientic calculator and discount calculator combined in one calculator.
6.You can use this calculator to calculate discounts for the items that buy from the shopping mall. Just add the list along with the discount and price of each item and the calculator will quickly tell you exactly how much did you save. The calculator also comes with a standard calculator for regular calculations.
7.Lighweight and handy calculator that you can use for quick day to day calculations. It has many more functions than the standard calculator on your phone.
8.Scientific calculator along with a discount calculator in one calculator that is simple to use.
9.Stylish calculator with unlimited memory for your android phone or tablet.
10.Handy calculator with many of the scientific features in the scientific calculator.
Some of the functions:
* Trigonometry functions (sin, cos, tan).
* Factorial (!)
* Complex or imaginary number (i)
* Exponent
* Square root and cube root
* ....
11.Free calculator that shows you the formula that you typed and allows you to copy, paste, edit and remove any part from the formula.
The calculator also shows the big numbers with the thousand separator character (,) and has many more functions.
12.Scientific calculator that color code mathematical signs and the scientific functions with a different color. You can toggle off the coloring if you do not like it from the Settings.
You can also toggle on vibrations and sound feedback from the settings.
 Link to google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.whiteglow.quickeycalculator
Requires Android:  2.3 and up
I recommend you to download this new and awesome app.


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