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[FREE] Zombie Assassin: Undead Rising


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A cool new game Zombie Assassin: Undead Rising

★★★ Introducing  Zombie Assassin: Undead Rising ★★★


When the dead start walking the living start stalking. Go slay the zombies before they get you!

Can you be the Zombie Assassin that the world needs?

This awesome zombie apocalypse game offers cool weapons and sweet zombie fighting action. Gear up with powerful rifles, pistols, knives, and helpful items. Take the world back from the zombie hordes. Adventure through a cool and creepy side-scrolling world of epic battles and challenging survival scenes. Level after exciting level, Zombie Assassin: Undead Rising will test your skills and challenge your zombie horde slaying abilities. High-powered action, with sweet graphics, rewarding zombie gaming experiences, and amazingly cool effects are just a few things that the professionals over at Psycho Sandwich Studios have dreamed up to haunt your game experiences and your nightmares. Compete against your own high scores and be sure to brag to your friends about them. See if they can beat such a skilled zombie hunter as yourself. Zombies will drool and you will rule, if you have the moves to dominate this brilliant game.

Zombie Assassin: Undead Rising Features

· Cool zombie game

· Awesome undead graphics

· Many cool weapons for max fun

· Many exciting levels to play and beat

· Fantastic zombie-slaying survival game action

· Brilliantly created game mechanics and gaming effects

· Unlock rewards and bonuses that make a zombie think twice

Take on the horde and you’ll never be bored as you blaze a path to a more civilized world where the undead walk no more with powerful weapons and sweet zombie fighting action.

 Link to Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.psychosandwichstudios.zombieassassin


Requirements: Android 3.0 and up.

Available for Android.

I recommend you to download this free and awesome game.


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