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which mods work with ofw ?


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well i tried to cook ofw of 5530 with the following mods and results 1)battery mod by rohit 2)restart option in power menu 3) bluetooth file receiver mod 4) gallery file hider 5)clear fota space 6) superrb startup mod results startup mod may have worked , restart option mod worked 100%,fota space worked but rest didnt why is it so ? are they not designed for 5530 or something like that ?

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Guest prayaas1998

The thing is that C6, N97's libraries are different from those for 5800, 5530, 522x, 523x phones. So mods designed for ported firmwares might not work properly on other S60v5 firmwares, except for the ofw of C6, N97 itself.

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