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A cool new game KILL DEAD
★★★ Introducing  KILL DEAD ★★★
A failed military experiment unleashed a global zombie apocalypse - a deadly biological weapon that turned nearly all of humanity into bloodthirsty unkilled creatures The event known as the Trigger Effect unleashed hordes of evil dead. The only thing left is to fight for survival and try to rebuild a dead civilization. A counter strike was launched, but the contract black ops commandos were unable deal with the outbreak. Save the world from the outbreak of the dead walkers. Become the ultimate killer in a war against the evil dead. The dead zombie soldiers know no honor or call trigger duty, they are only hungry for flesh. When the dead unkilled start walking, your only option is to kill them. Survive the shooting war game against the dead, but still walking zombies. You are a lone zombie killer and hunter, you are the last frontier of the civilization, together with your girlfriend you will face insane amount of zombies to kill.

KILL DEAD is a modern 3D free fps zombie shooter game where you fight against waves of unkilled bloodthirsty creatures.

-Epic 3D fps modern shooting combat battlefield powered by latest Unity engine with detailed textures
-Realistic shooting and trigger sound effects, epic modern soundtrack
-Target and kill trigger zombies with a huge variety of modern and classic firearms: Jackhammer, Mossberg 500, Desert Eagle, Beretta, G3SG1 and many more.
-Use killer powerups like infinite ammo, no reload, double money, faster reload - to get through more difficult contract zombie shooting missions and kill all the zombies

in no time!
-Slice and dice undead zombies with a katana, baseball bat and a knife - zombie ninja style!
-Upgrade your weapons to survive the dead zombie trigger assault
-Collect cash loot dropped by the call of the dead zombie trigger
-Snipe walkers in the head to get extra kill shot rewards or use melee weapons to get an extra melee kill trigger reward
-Answer the call of the unkilled zombie!
-Modern zombie survival genre - redefined!
-Become the ultimate zombie killer on the frontier

-Updated with new content regularly – this is just the beginning!
-Over 50 shooting achievements to completed through zombie shooting combat
-Earn free gold rewards
-Become the top zombie killer in Game Center leaderboards
Link to iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kill-dead-zombie-shooter/id952495445?ls=1&mt=8

Requirements: iOS 7.0 or Later.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
I recommend you to download this new and awesome game.


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