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[FREE] KEY PING Keyboard App + Emojis


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A cool new app KEY PING Keyboard App + Emojis

★★★ Introducing  KEY PING Keyboard App + Emojis ★★




Key Ping Keyboard For Androids will make typing your contact info a lot faster than ever before!With 1 Click on your Key Ping keyboard app you can easily add your email, phone number or other contact information into a text message or webpage, such as a facebook post, with just 1 Click from your keyboard.
Key Ping an all new custom keyboard app for your android smartphone or tablet that comes loaded with an emoji keyboard you can use as well!
What is Key Ping?
This android smart keyboard will provide you a keyboard shortcut so you are just 1 click away to input all your contact information and social media information such as Facebook Profile or Twitter Handle.


(Before you would type your email address letter by letter taking precious seconds!
Now with Key Ping you simply just click the "Email Key" 1 time and the app will input your entire email address.)

This is a great tool to input your contact info into web forms or text messages if you are making a lot of social connections. This is one of those keyboards for androids that saves you a lot of time because you will never have to type out your email or home address again once you have saved your info!

Key Ping makes it easier to input by giving you a multi keyboard pre-filled with commonly used contact info.

Customize this app with the information you want displayed

You can use Key Ping on all your social media sites

This keyboard comes equipped with a facebook emoji keyboard that you can use on Instagram, Whatsapp, Google+ etc..

And once again you can use this emoji keyboard free for infinity when you download Key Ping

Designed to save you time allowing you to get back to life!

 Link to google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.keyping.emojikeyboard.lite

Requires Android:  2.3.3 and up

I recommend you to download this new and awesome app.

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