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A cool new app Assistant

★★★ Introducing  Assistant★★



Your phone is slow? You do not know how to configure or use the key features of your phone? Their problems are over with this wonderful application, with it you have total control of the use of all resources related to the performance of your phone, using the processor or CPU, amount of RAM available, information about the charging status of your battery, the free space of your phone memory and memory card.
The Assistant has tools to make your phone faster and actually close those applications who stay active as much as you are not using and often these applications are picking up information from your phone, you can also clear the cache system.

The application also includes Bluetooth connection manager to prevent an unauthorized attempt to access your phone or your battery lasts less time.

The WiFi connection manager allows you to disable your connection at times that you are not using, making you save battery and your phone get more on-time, also protects access by unauthorized persons by their information.

We also have the tab of a battery managed tools that tells you which applications are using the most battery from your phone, it is very useful when you are low on available battery Otimar whatever the duration of the battery, you can for the application to the battery lasts longer, the application also includes information regarding your phone settings such as screen resolution, number of type of network processors, and sensors available, which is very useful when you need to know if your phone has a specific function or not.

The application also has features to uninstall applications (if in root mode), and you back up the same before removing to restore power after if need be, this is very useful in case you want to remove those programs that comes installed by default by the operators. We also have a smartphone volume manager because we know that android has different sound levels for each situation as liaison, media ringtone, alarm notification and others.

 Link to google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ashwin.assistant


Requires Android:  2.3 and up

I recommend you to download this new and awesome app.

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